This is my first baby of 2017, I know we are a few months in already but I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to blogging. I’m trying to get better about it, really I am. (I’m giggling while typing that)

Baby Amira was born in January and its now the end of March, man I’m bad. This little lady’s pictures turned out so cute to.

I had a super hard time picking what images I wanted to share, so there are a lot of them here. But this cuteness had to be shared. Little Amira along with being my first baby for 2017 she must hold the title for being the smallest baby I have photographed ever. Coming in at just over 5 pounds.

Mary and I really enjoyed our time with her, along with her mommy and daddy. I really hope that they are getting a little more sleep now that she is a little older.

Their family pictures turned out so beautiful, I’m super happy with this session and hope to work with them again in the future.

Being the nice people they are they treated Mary and I with lunch from their family’s pizza place. If you haven’t had Amar Pizza in Frasier you need to try it, we had Abdullah’s favorite Philly cheese steak and it was so good!  Made my lips burn a little bit LOL, but if you like spicy foods this is the pizza place for you! Please check them out! Thank you again Gul and Abdullah it really was delicious!!

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Well I’m a little later then I wanted to be posting this, but it happens, I had an issue that my blog was not showing up on my website. It is finally fixed YAY!

This is the first post for my new series about what to wear for maternity pictures.  I will be posting these once a month using the inspiration from images that I find on Design Seeds.

I started this process by going through images on the Design Seeds website, these pictures where based on spring. I was just scrolling and picking a bunch of different images that I liked, or colors that spoke to me, when I came across this one.  I LOVE these types of colors. Muted tones are my jam, on top of that I’m a tea drinker (no coffee for this girl), and the birds are just beautiful.

I saved this one knowing that I was going to use it.


Then I headed over to to make my style board. I only used this website for the first 2 or 3 style boards I made. I quickly discovered they didn’t have a lot of items to pick from when it came to maternity clothing.

I started to put this together using some of the tips I talk about in my style guide.

I went with the long maxi dress because it matched well with the colors I picked. I like I say in my 10 tips that the maxi dress is a great choice because it is comfy and will show off your bump nicely. Then because we live in Michigan and it still chilly here in the spring I added the sweater and scarf. This will also add some dimension to your outfit, by breaking up the solid color of the dress. You can also easily remove any of these items and it will change the look of your outfit without having to change your clothing. (FYI, I let my clients change as much as they would like.)



If you like any of the pieces that I picked to make this style board just click this link and it will take you right where you need to go to purchase any of it.

P.S. Please tell me your thoughts or if you would like to see me do a board on a certain color let me know in the comments. Until next month.



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I’ve been tossing around a bunch of ideas in my head for a while now. I would love to have some recurring blog posts on my website. These would be posted monthly and would have a reoccurring theme.  The main one that I have been thinking about writing would be about different locations around Metro Detroit. Places that you could have your session at, or if you’re not having a session maybe to just go and check out for yourself.

But last month I had a light bulb moment while lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

Does anyone else do that? Lay in bed and their brain will just not shut up? Well there I was trying to sleep and it popped into my head to do a post on what to wear for your maternity pictures. This is one of my most ask questions from pregnant momma’s and I wanted to develop something that I could send out when clients booked maternity sessions.

I started to do some research, just to see what is already out there on this topic. I don’t know about you but for me I always make things harder than they need to be, I easily get carried away. When that started to happen here, I stopped and thought how can I make this better? Better and easier for both of us. Well my one idea ended up being split into two.

Introducing my first is my downloadable PDF a “Maternity What to wear guide”

This guide is 7 pages long and had 10 tips to help you, from picking your color pallet to what I think photographs best. It will also help you to design your own style board, and has a list of stores online and locally that might help you when you go shopping!

The second part is my new monthly what to wear blog posts, I’m so excited for this!!

For this blog post I will be using to pick and image and color pallet. Then using this image I’m going to make a coordinating maternity outfit. These will all be based on the time of year, up first is spring. My first blog post will be the same color pallet in and outfit that I put in the guide as a sample. Because I’m finding all the clothing online I will be able to post the links to each item. That way if you like something you can purchase it! YAY!!!

I’m hope you’re as excited about this as I am! The first blog post is rolling out in the next few days, but the PDF is here right now. So, if you would like to get your own a copy of this Free Style Guide just fill out the from below and you will find it in your email shortly!

 P.S. If you would like me to do monthly posts about different locations please leave me a comment and let me know!

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I’m going to say right now that I’m sorry, I COULD NOT pick just a few of my favorite images to share from Liam’s portraits. I loved them all, this little guy is just too cute for words, so needless to say there are a lot of pictures here. I’m so behind on my blog, these where taken in October, I know I’m so bad with this, but saying that I’m really going to try better.

So this little man’s family just moved back to Michigan before they had him, and I so happy that they found me. He is so cute and a dream to photograph, his session was I think the longest session I have ever had. Just because we where having the best time with him and his family. When I left I asked Stacey “how long where we here?” and when she said 5 hours I didn’t believe her at all, I was shocked! Ok, I’ll stop chatting with you so you can get on with the reason your here to check out some super cute pictures! rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0392rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0393rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0394rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0395rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0396rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0397rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0399rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0400rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0401rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0402rodchester_mi_newborn_photographer_0403


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