Real purpose behind maternity sessions!

Let’s talk about what I think the real purpose behind maternity sessions are. Motherhood begins before the birth of your new baby. Your body is already hard at work growing your child. The new life inside of you is an experience we as women are blessed with for a very short time in our lives. I mean what is 9 months compared 80 or 90+ years, right?

Maybe your real purpose behind booking a maternity session is different from mine.

It’s possible that you think it’s all about the baby bump, and that is a HUGE part of it. Or for whatever reason, perhaps photographing your baby belly is not a high priority at all, and that’s fine too. Maternity photos are not forever one and I understand that.

You will always remember the first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat or the feeling of that first tiny kick. How about their hick-ups and having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes? (I wouldn’t know any of these feelings yet, but I can’t wait too)

For me, the real purpose behind maternity sessions isn’t to just get cute images of your baby bump.

Is it about showing the joy, excitement, and anticipation for your new baby? Yes, but mostly it’s about the love, connection, and intimacy between you and your significant other. These images will be timeless and beautiful. You both picked each other to take this life crazy life journey together. Let’s take some images of you hugging, laughing, cuddling and kissing.


Take a break from this fast-paced life, where we are always on the run. Busy with to much stuff to do and enjoy this time with each other. All too soon, your pregnancy will be over. Why not make this memory last a lifetime? You’ll be so glad you did.

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