Introducing Simply Sweet Newborn Sessions


I wrote this post so I could tell you all about the NEW newborn session I’m offering. Also about the big change that I have made to my pricing for 2018.

Frist, let get into why I have decided to change my pricing to be all-inclusive. In the past, I charged and session fee and then let my clients purchased whatever package, digitals or prints they wanted. After a few years of doing things this way, I found that

  1. It confused almost everyone, every time I responded to emails asking about my pricing I would get replies back confused about what was stated on my website. This was frustrating for both me and you. Most people thought that my session fee would be the total cost on my website and that was just not the case.
  2. Honestly, everyone picked the same album! So, going forward I’m hopefully making everything easier to understand. One flat price for each package, with a few upgrades if you would like them!

Now on to the bigger and more important news! At least from my standpoint hehe 🙂

Introducing the Simply Sweet and Sweeter newborn sessions!

These newborn sessions are just how they sound simple, sweet, adorable, classic! This is for those of you that just want a few timeless images of your new little one. These images will showcase the innocence of new life, without missing the tiny details like lips, fingers, and toes. I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to share the details with you!

Simply Sweet is all about your baby, no parent pictures are included in this package.  Like with all my newborn session there is no time limit so we can get that perfect shot. It also comes with two different setups, a 6X6 session highlight book and 15 full resolution images that will be available for download through your online gallery. I do take more the 15 images because I just can’t help my self, those images will be available for additional charge.

Here is a look at one of my past Simply Sweet portrait sessions.

Simply Sweeter is all about your baby with additional parent images.

Like above there will be no time limit on the session itself. You will get two different setups of just your baby, images of baby cuddling with mommy and daddy and family images of all of you together! An 8×8 highlight book and 25 full resolution images that will be available for download through your gallery once your images have been edited to my standers.

Here is a look at one of my past Simply Sweeter portrait sessions.


If you would like more information about why I don’t put a time limit on my newborn sessions then click here! Or if you have questions about the session or pricing then please feel free to click this link and send me an email. I would more than happy to talk about this further with you!


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