Benjamin Simply Sweeter Session

This is my second time writing this blog post. I did one already, copied it over to my blog and somehow, I messed everything up and lost the post. I’m annoyed with myself but at least I have the perk of looking at this cute guy for a little longer!

Little Ben was so fun to work with, he went right to sleep and didn’t fuss too much when I kept messing with him during his nap. But when it came to his cuddles with mommy, that was a different story.

He had a little accident, you know… these things are bound to in my line of work. When you are cuddling with a naked newborn and his little tushy is in your hand, you might just end up with a handful of poop.  We all know the saying S*** happens but for Samantha she knows what it means literally! She was a trooper through the whole thing, she let me finish the images I was taking and just giggle and laugh through it off with her hubby Jeff. But between you and me I think dad was secretly happy that it happened to her, so he was good to go for his turn with naked little Benjamin.  So when you’re looking at these cuddle images and see mom and dad super happy and almost laughing you’ll know why LOL!!!

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