March 2017 What to Wear

Well I’m a little later then I wanted to be posting this, but it happens, I had an issue that my blog was not showing up on my website. It is finally fixed YAY!

This is the first post for my new series about what to wear for maternity pictures.  I will be posting these once a month using the inspiration from images that I find on Design Seeds.

I started this process by going through images on the Design Seeds website, these pictures where based on spring. I was just scrolling and picking a bunch of different images that I liked, or colors that spoke to me, when I came across this one.  I LOVE these types of colors. Muted tones are my jam, on top of that I’m a tea drinker (no coffee for this girl), and the birds are just beautiful.

I saved this one knowing that I was going to use it.


Then I headed over to to make my style board. I only used this website for the first 2 or 3 style boards I made. I quickly discovered they didn’t have a lot of items to pick from when it came to maternity clothing.

I started to put this together using some of the tips I talk about in my style guide.

I went with the long maxi dress because it matched well with the colors I picked. I like I say in my 10 tips that the maxi dress is a great choice because it is comfy and will show off your bump nicely. Then because we live in Michigan and it still chilly here in the spring I added the sweater and scarf. This will also add some dimension to your outfit, by breaking up the solid color of the dress. You can also easily remove any of these items and it will change the look of your outfit without having to change your clothing. (FYI, I let my clients change as much as they would like.)



If you like any of the pieces that I picked to make this style board just click this link and it will take you right where you need to go to purchase any of it.

P.S. Please tell me your thoughts or if you would like to see me do a board on a certain color let me know in the comments. Until next month.



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